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Online Business Management

Are you a 6-figure online entrepreneur and never expected a boom in your niche market?

Are you reaching that point where you are struggling to do it all by yourself? Managing your business in the entirety can be overwhelming and you could start losing sight of your vision.

I aim to bring value and trust as an Online Business Manager(OBM) by helping you with Operations Management, Project Management, Metrics Management and Team Management.

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9 Step Strategy 

to Obtaining a Successful Business Operating System

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I am Anita...a Certified Online Business Manager®, a wife and a mother of two young adults. Bringing up my children while my husband worked long hours and traveled frequently for his job made multi-tasking unavoidable! I like to be ahead of the game hence planning and organizing comes naturally to me. My passion is cooking. As I did with my children, I love introducing my friends to the variety of food from my Malaysian roots and other cultures from my travel experiences.

Something unexpected about me is that I love Country Music + Old Fashioned;-)

My business name AniVa originated from how my parents call me...Ani-Va [meaning 'Ani-come' in a South Indian language]. It reminds me always of my parents' blessings.

I have had the pleasure of working in various executive positions in different industries as I have traveled from Asia to Europe and now live in the United States of America. I have served as an Office Manager for a growing business in a competitive industry and later worked in the business process improvement area for multi-billion dollar companies. During the years of being a Homemaker, I was an avid volunteer and then appointed Team Manager for my sons' travel soccer and high school soccer teams.


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Positivity | Responsiblity | Empathy | Discipline | Belief

Enneagram Type 1 - Perfectionist

Honest | Down-to-earth | Ambitious | Ethical | Mission-driven

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Quality Time

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