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If you are an entrepreneur who is starting to feel there is a lot going on and you can't do it all alone, then you are at the right place. I am dedicated to keeping your vision and mission alive. Every business foundation is based on planning, the right team and operations. I am a Business Process Analyst and my zone of genius is people, processes and systems management.

Work With Me: Welcome
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~Process Design/Redesign ~ Operations Management and Process Improvement ~ Creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) ~ Streamlining Workflows Using Project Management Tools ~ Process Automation ~ Team Management ~ 

Work Desk

Systems and Processes

  • Analyze systems and processes

  • Create and organize Standard Operating Procedures(SOPs) for all business functions.

  • Organize the SOP Guide in one central location on Google Workspace

  • Map processes by designing flowcharts to best represent all the procedures with links to SOPs or website links.

  • Identify bottlenecks in current processes and continously improve them

  • Recommend possible process automations from time to time to increase business efficiency.

Tools and Technology

  • Manage a Customer Relationship Management(CRM) tool to best service clients. Services include but not limited to sending proposals, contracts and invoices, invoice payment plan set up, client portal management, creation of questionnaires and lead forms, email management and workflow creation for automation

  • Manage a Project Management(PM) tool to ensure all areas of business operations are centralized on one platform with completed and upcoming tasks

  • Ensure all tools used are up to date and reviewed periodically to provide the best business solutions.

  • Establish a system to monitor Key Performance Indicators(KPI)

  • Track, review and analyze metrics

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Virtual Team Meeting

Team Management

  • Manage all team communications

  • Ensure a team dashboard is established in the PM tool to monitor team members' workload and progress

  • Manage team access to CRM and PM tool

  • Ensure all SOPs are accesible to the team

  • Ensure a clear understanding of requests and deadlines

  • Organize strategic and tactical meetings

  • Manage the team hiring process 

Project Planning and Launch Management

  • Create yearly, quarterly, monthly and weekly plans for initiatives, projects and promotions

  • Outline all tasks that need to be done according to the plan in the PM tool with assignees and deadlines.

  • Create a launch management plan with a given budget to ensure all resources are available to meet the launch requirements

  • Provide ideas for additional resources needed to execute a plan

  • Keep an active communication between team members, affiliates and joint venture partners leading up to a launch

  • Follow up on metrics tracking after a launch



Mallory Schlabach.jfif

Anita is becoming the business wife I never knew I needed. She's organized, confident, consistent, and keeps everything moving smoothly in my business. She has fixed every SOP I've thrown at her and created so many more so that our rapidly expanding team functions as a team. She's fantastic at planning, creating seamless processes, and managing people (including creatives that change their minds every 1.5 seconds!) I've asked her to basically organize my life. I love that I can focus on my superpowers and stop worrying about if things are getting done. I would highly recommend her to any entrepreneur who needs to get out of the "business overwhelm".

Mallory Schlabach, USA
CEO at The GirlBoss Agency

Michelle V.jpg

I confidently recommend Anita if you are looking for an incredible Online Business Manager. As a dedicated and knowledgeable employee and an all-around great person, I know that she will be a beneficial addition to increase the success of your business or endeavor. 
Her knowledge of operational processes and expertise in business analysis was a huge advantage to our entire team. She put this skill set to work in order to automate many manual processes with the help of Robotic Processing Automation (RPA). Additionally, she developed process maps, SOPs and successfully implemented many of our improvement initiatives.

Michelle VanDiehl, USA
Business Process Improvement Manager

Ana Wahler.jfif

Anita brought refreshing, positive attitude in our team. She is a person with strong values and natural authority.

Ana Wahler, Switzerland
Director Strategic Planning

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